I see it all the time:

  • The swing stuck in a pattern

  • The struggle to bring your game from the range to the course

  • The desire to get BETTER, and a lack of understanding on how to do that

It can change much faster than you think!

If you want…

  • Hit the ball better and understand your misses

  • Understand how to watch yourself and hit checkpoints as you play

  • Continue improving with every game

  • Make the most of your practice

  • Lower your SCORE!

I can help!

Client Success Stories

“The lessons are helping me find balance, helping me slow down, feel the flow, trust and breath.  Learning these things have really helped me in life, and my golf game. My handicap has dropped from 29 TO 23 in 10 months.” -Art F. 

“No matter what part of your game you are trying to improve, Rebecka's techniques will give you confidence and consistency. She is extremely patient, encouraging, and funny - making lessons a lot of fun.”   -Chloe L. 

“Rebecka is an excellent trainer - she allows your golf swing to reflect you and not some "out of the box" swing. She does a great job of explaining what she wants to see in your swing and if you don't understand she will go out of her way to find a different way to explain it to you. I also like that she focuses on all parts of the game -not just physically what you are supposed to be doing but mentally focusing and staying calm and enjoying.  But wait, there's more!  She also employs technology so you can get all sorts of data about your swing and she hooks you up on this app and sends you video of your swing and things to focus on during the next week!  My golf swing has already improved dramatically after just a few lessons.” -Maddie C.

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About Rebecka

After playing the game for 33 years, and teaching as a Golf Pro for the last 10, Rebecka finds immense joy in helping golfers up their game. Co-Founder of the Oakmont Junior Golf Academy and Creator of Double Your Putting Magic, she is a lifelong lover of golf and takes it down to fundamentals so you can have your best game yet.