Being Perfect

I have a confession to make: I'm a recovering perfectionist. Up until recently, my mindset has been that striving for perfection was serving me well. Recently, I've discovered that trying to be perfect is no fun at all! It sucks the joy out of golf, and anything else as well. 

When you are practicing golf, are you striving for perfection or discovery?

In my experience, when I'm in discovery mode, I learn a bunch of new things! When I feel, and really experience my swing, it is easier to make adjustments. When I notice what is happening and the shining light of awareness comes flooding in, that's when I can make some progress. 

Golf is a game of small differentials between good and great. I know of no other game that walks me so delicately between letting go and holding on. 

John Steinbeck wrote: And now when you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. 

Enjoy the process. 

With gratitude,


Ps.  It is Masters Week! Since I am a big Rory McIlroy fan, check out this video of how he trains. "Everyone has to start somewhere." Enjoy!