How Do You Play Your Best?

A few of weeks ago I played my first round of the year. I was so incredibly happy to be on the course that I kept humming all day. I didn’t notice it myself until my playing partner asked me what tune I was singing. I kept doing it the whole round, and I played well. Now, what can you learn from that?
In my apartment, I have a card that says: How I play my greatest golf.
The card says:
I have time to warm up. I smile. I have fun. I’m decisive. I feel good about myself. I stick to my pre-shot routine. My tempo is smooth. I look up at the trees and I enjoy the scenery. I walk with confidence. I take my time reading putts. I'm creative. And now it also says: I hum.
These are the reminders that help me show up to the golf course to play my best golf.
I also have a card that says: How I play my worst golf. It helps me catch myself quickly when I slip out of my best state. It says:
I get too tense, too nervous. I have negative and critical self-talk. I think about the result. I try to steer the shot. I get indecisive. My tempo gets quick. I think about my technique a lot. I barely talk to my playing partners. I look down. 
Do you know how you are when you play your best golf? Do you know how you are when you play your worst? What’s in your control? What can you do to prepare to play your best?
We all have a unique recipe for success that is in our mind and body just waiting to be accessed. To have that kind of self-awareness on the golf course can be very powerful and a gateway to whatever it is you want more of in your game.
If you need help finding strategies for your best golf, please consider signing up for a program or series of playing lessons with me. It will save you a lot of time and frustration!
Golfingly yours,