The #1 Thing I'm Asked For

When I ask players what they want more of in their games they most often say “consistency”. Sometimes I ask them to clarify - to specify if they mean more consistent contact or the ball going more consistently to the target. Most say the latter. I hear things like: “I just want to hit the ball straight”. Well, don’t tell anyone… not even I hit the ball straight all the time! Instead, let’s explore a more powerful perspective to the notion that more consistency in your game is the end all that will bring you closer to the solution to the alluring game we call golf.
Consider this quote from Stephen Hawking:
“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
What do you do when you are faced with an uneven lie? Or when the ball is in the high grass? When the evil golf gods put your ball in a divot? A lot of players will be stumped or lose confidence. Another choice is to adapt. To adjust and create a solution. A tricky lie is an opportunity to try something new and learn from it. And it is in this process you become a master of variability. We are not rigid: our bodies feel a little different every day. Appreciate the nuances your body and swing produce and embrace them. Practice the fundamentals over and over so that when you are on the course you are free to create.  Every shot must be created in the moment, and that is what makes golf the most wonderful, satisfying and insatiable game.
For 2015, my wish for you is this: that you will experiment more on the course, dig deeper within and set your sights to become a master of variability who approaches the imperfect lies with curiosity and creativity! Happy New Golfing Year!

Golfingly yours,