Happy New Year


I'm back teaching this week now that the holidays are behind us. Hope you were able to take some time off to rest and reflect as we crossed over into the new year!

I spent my time off with my mom, who visited from Sweden, and my sister (yup, I'm sure you can tell above), her boyfriend and daughter who visited from Holland. This year will mark an interesting milestone. I will have lived half of my life in Sweden and half of my life in the U.S.! Little did I know as a 19-year old setting out to play golf at San Jose State University that I would still be living in the Bay Area 19 years later. Much has happened over these years, and I plan to share a little more about that later on. 

At the end of each year, I find myself always wanting to set new intentions. You know, clearing out the old so there's room for the new. I like to find a word or phrase (last year my word was Create) that will guide my energy for the year. If you are interested in the process I use, check this out.  I really like the white space of a whole new year ahead of me- although my calendar already has a few things going on! This year, I choose "Rise & Shine" as my mantra. This year is not a time to play small. It is a time to use our talents and focus to shine a light in this world. And, as an added bonus, perhaps it will help me get up earlier in the morning....

2016 was a year of change for me, and I want to send a special thank you to those who helped me through what was a times a very challenging year. It was tough to move, but on the other hand I now have space for guests and the most beautiful commute through the vineyards anyone could ever wish for!

Thank you to those of you who recommended my services to your friends and family. Thank you for your trust in me as a coach. I can't tell you how it means to me!

Sending you all my best for a great year on and off the course!

Keep swingin'