How to Improve

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Have you ever wondered how improvement happens? What I am about to tell you might surprise you. The crazy thing with golf is that you can practice endless hours and not get better. 

Since many of my students ask for consistency, I'd like to present how that is achieved. To get consistent in golf, you have to face yourself and where you are. In my mind, it starts with a mind set of possibility. Many come to me with the mentality that I will and can fix them. But in my mind I think: you are not broken. You are the hero of your journey. I am just here to support and keep you going forward. 

The second part is you have to be willing to explore the "blind spots". This could be a part of your game or swing where you have limited body-awareness. You are simply not sure how it should be or feel. 

To figure out blind spots, feedback such as a TrackMan launch monitor can be helpful. A player might think they are coming over the top in their swing, when they are actually doing the opposite. (I've been there.) Video can also be helpful. Many players have an idea of what they are doing, but very often it doesn't match what the video is showing them. 

When you examine the blind spots, you increase your self-awareness. 

When you increase your awareness, you gain competence and trust. 

Competence and trust lead to the holy grail of golf: consistency. 

One of my students noted that this perspective can be applied to many other parts of life as well. 

Sending you all much energy and self-love this April as the sun is starting to come out!

Keep swingin',