A Putt for 54


The worst thing to write is something cheerful when you are not in a particular cheerful mood. So without going into too much detail- let’s just say my partner and I didn’t ham and egg it very well at last weeks tournament at Palm Valley Country Club.

The highlights:

  • Winning the Pro-Am with a gross score of 54 with an all-woman team! On our 18th hole, I was the last to putt the 20-footer for birdie. Seeing that ball go in the hole, was really, really satisfying! I don’t think I’ve ever had a putt for 54 before, and that is a fun thing to think about- especially since I grew up having Pia Nilsson of Vision54 as my coach in the Swedish National Team!

  • One thing that paid off from my preparation was the half-wedge shots. I felt really confident on those shots, which are normally not my strength.

  • Attending a BLAST Golf Seminar. The Blast sensor is fastened at the top of your club, and measures back swing time and forward stroke time. Many players struggle with their tempo, and think that this technology can bring more awareness to that part of the swing. I’m excited to test it out for my full swing but you can use it for putting too!

Have a great week!