What does a golf pro do when it rains?


Check the weather app incessantly on your phone and obsess about the rain. Reschedule lots of appointments. 

Also: finish my taxes very early. Plan junior programs, golf schools, and a very special trip to the Masters. 

Because this year, it is the year that it is finally happening. I’ve been wanting to go for years- since I found out that my LPGA membership badge allowed me complementary access to the grounds at Augusta National. This is a special perk of being an LPGA or PGA Professional, but unfortunately when my mom asked if she could come, I had to explain that it wasn’t possible. Please let me know if you know anyone who knows anyone….

I’d love for you to help me celebrate my business this year! It is a special year because I will be celebrating 10 years of teaching golf - I started teaching when I stopped playing professionally at the end of 2009. Please look for a special email coming soon to partake in some free goodies and fun!

Right now I am so happy to be outside teaching with the sun warming my face and drying out the course.

Hope to see you soon!


Ps. What bucket list experience are you planning this year? I’d love to know!