What are the benefits of golf lessons?

Most of my students take lessons because they enjoy golf more when they are able to keep the ball in play. Others take lessons because they want to hit the ball straighter, further and more solid. Here are a few other benefits that my students have mentioned:

  • improved putting
  • new confidence in short game and ability to hit different shots around the greens
  • more confidence from the bunker
  • able to beat the boss
  • able to hit a bucket of balls and not have lower back pain for 3 days after
  • break 100-90-80-70
  • improved course management
  • winning my flight in an EWGA event
  • get through Stage 1 of PGA Qualifying School

Whatever your goal is, I can help! 

Client Success Stories


  • Rebecka's tour playing knowledge has not only taught me how to think through a swing but also how to think through playing the course as in course management. -Ted

  • I met Rebecka at a 2-day golf clinic in April and came away so impressed that I've started lessons with her at the Oakmont Golf Course.  She is an excellent trainer - she allows your golf swing to reflect you and not some "out of the box" swing.  She does a great job of explaining what she wants to see in your swing and if you don't understand she will go out of her way to find a different way to explain it to you.  I also like that she focuses on all parts of the game- not just physically what you are supposed to be doing but mentally focusing and staying calm and enjoying.  But wait, there's more!  She also employs technology so you can get all sorts of data about your swing and she hooks you up on this app and sends you video of your swing and things to focus on during the next week!  My golf swing has already improved dramatically after just a few lessons.    -Maddie


  • Rebecka helped me big time with my swing. It can be very scary changing the way you swing the club, but she has a very convincing and welcoming way about her that made it easier for me to try something different. She explains (through video) your swing so it is easier for your mind/body to "get" the reasoning behind the change. Within one short lesson I was hitting the ball solid and that carried over to my golf game the next week.  -Terri


  • I  got a lesson with Rebecka and it was one of the most effective lessons I've received in a while. She is incredibly knowledgeable and she was able to fix up my swing in a short amount of time. She really knows how to pinpoint what you need to work on and help with swing changes. -Sharon


  • Rebecka was just terrific in analyzing my swing and then explaining the correct mechanics in a way that I could understand what I needed to do to improve. A few key points to practice has already made a noticeable difference in my game. Better accuracy, more distance, and more height on all my shots. And that was only after 2 - 1 hour golf lessons. I would recommend Rebecka to everyone. -Chester